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Graduation with Leadership Distinction

Research Pathway

The University of South Carolina’s Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD) honors broadens the scope of achievements for students engaged within and beyond the classroom. Students who earn GLD demonstrate extensive, purposeful engagement beyond the classroom, understanding of course concepts in ‘real world’ settings, and application of learning to make decisions and solve problems. To read more about the program, visit the informational page here.

I have chosen to pursue the GLD Research Pathway, which assists in making meaningful connections between learning within the classroom and my research projects. The major aspects of the GLD involve Beyond the Classroom (BTC) and Within the Classroom (WTC) experiences. These include coursework, research activities, extracurriculars, etc. During my time at USC, there are three key insights I have gathered through my BTC and WTC experiences (listed under KEY INSIGHTS). To learn more about these, and to read more about my Research Pathway, please follow the links for each page. You will also find the LEADERSHIP page where I outline a potential solution to continue closing the gap between scientific work and the public while raising awareness of marine life that typically is overlooked.

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